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miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2009

BAD 2009: me muerdo la lengua, aquí y ahora

Acaba de llegarme la contestación a la pregunta (nada de retórica) que hice ayer relacionada a la masiva participación de blogueros con el tema de los cambios climáticos del BAD 2009. ¿Escéptica y cínica? Todavía sí. Pero creo que podría existir cierta esperanza para los pingüinos y para nuestras costas. No sé si finalmente encontraremos la máquina para hacerle el tru-trú a la capa de ozono... pero poco a poco se llega lejos...
“La contesta” que me hace medio hundir la cabeza en el cuello y levantar los hombros, subir la mirada y hacer morisquetas con los labios, acaba de irrumpir en mi correo electrónico. Es la siguiente:

“Hey bloggers, You just took part in something unprecedented--with a 500% increase in blog posts about climate change, last Thursday was the largest coordinated climate communication of all time. It was amazing to be part of something with such broad scope, and now we have the opportunity to use our voices online to mobilize global offline action.
“As many of you know, this December, world leaders are meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark to draft a new global climate treaty - one that has the potential to turn the tide on global warming and get our planet back on a brighter path. The problem is, most world leaders and their negotiators aren't getting it. They’re not planning to do enough to avert the climate crisis.
“Many of you have asked us what you can do to help change this. The single biggest thing you can do right now is to follow-up your participation in Blog Action Day and supportthe International Day of Climate Action organized by our friends at this Saturday, October 24th." ...
"Already, over 4000 creative events are being planned in over 170 countries - from the slopes of Mt. Everest to the underwater reefs of the Maldive Islands, to the parks and streets of your own communities. Activists will be uploading images of their events in real-time to both the 350.orgwebsite and on the giant screens of Times Square. By day's end, there will be an unprecedented global gallery of images and stories, enough to make both old media and new ring out with this crucial number.
"October 24th is shaping up to be the most widespread day of environmental action in the history of the planet. All events are designed to do one thing: show the support for the most important number in the world: 350.
"What’s the big deal with 350? 350 is the number that leading scientists say is the safe upper limit for parts per million carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. 350 is the number humanity needs to get below as soon as possible to avoid runaway climate change. (Watch this animation). Most immediately, 350 is the number world leaders need to lead with as they prepare to meet in Copenhagen this December to draft a new global climate treaty.
With fewer than 3 days to go until Oct. 24th, we need to take action now to make this day truly count.
So, here's what you can do as a blogger to help: Use your blog posts TODAY and in the few days that follow to help build the viral wave behind's October 24th Global Day of Action. There are a whole series of tools at that you can use in your blog posts: embeddable widgets that help people search for an event from within your blog, web banners, twitter widgets that collect the buzz about 350, and more.
Invite your readers to take action by joining you at events around the world. And continue to use your posts in the weeks ahead to make the most important number on the planet the most well known. If you want to start an event yourself there is also a quick and easy guide.
"Last week your posts demonstrated the power that bloggers across the web can have in raising awareness about an important issue. This week your posts can help mobilize direct action, draw new people into this global grassroots movement and change the course of climate history.
Thank you for lending your voice,
Robin Beck
Lead Organizer, Blog Action Day 2009"

Así las cosas, alzemos vuelo pa’ Copenhagen –en avión, o por la web- a ver qué pasa. A Cualquiera le sucede... aunque no cualquiera lo admita: me muerdo la lengua. ¡Todavía hay esperanzas para los pingüinos y para nuestras amadas costas!

2 comentarios:

Margarita dijo...

jajajaj! pues a mi me pasó al revés que a ti, cuando recibí el Hey bloggers! pensé: ¿otra vez? pues esta vez no pondré nada, ya tengo el ícono, paso.

Cassiopeia dijo...

Ver para creer...
Un abrazote

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